And today I came home only to be greeted by a Chinese man in his underwear. Just hanging out, sitting on the rocks outside my door, in his underwear. So I’m being proactive and learning a little Chinese for our next awkward encounter. Ni Hao my friend, Ni Hao.

Anyways, I split this weekend like a kid with two divorced parents. Spent half in Columbus, & half in Homerville.

Friday night I met up with some MUC alums (which is still weird to say) at the Gordon Biersch Brewery in the Columbus arena district. What a cool little spot. Naturally, I had to try some of their brew.

So I ordered this guy.

Its called a Hefeweizen, and it had a faint banana wheat taste to it. Different than anything I’ve ever had, but good choice. The rest of the brewery’s beers can be found here: . So it was a good night out on the town.

Oh, and great news….its gay pride weekend down here. ha. That also made for an interesting night. Columbus obviously didn’t think ahead though, as it was also the weekend that the Bill O’Reilly show was in town. Oopps.

As we’re sitting on the patio of Gordon Biersch the Bill O’Rielly show lets out of the Nationwide arena and people come pouring out. And by people, I mean extreme Conservatives.  And they trickle into the crowd of “gay pride-ers.” That show was better than my beer. I was waiting for a confrontation all night.

Great end to the night.

Saturday & Sunday I spent relaxing in Homerville with my family. Lets just take a little stroll through for haven’t had the pleasure of vacationing in my hometown.

Starting with our landmark watertower. Which was the biggest deal eveeeeerr when it was built. People thought it was Christmas in July.

A typical view from anywhere.

And the road I live on. This is why you get the error “this route contains unpaved roads” every time you type Homerville in your GPS.

And, my personal favorite. Our post office. I think my apartment in Columbus might be bigger.

So, there you have it. All of Homerville, in 5 pictures. And where I spent the other half of my weekend.