Well. I now know what culture shock feels like.

Thank you Columbus Com Fest 2010.

If you’ve never heard of Com Fest, or never experienced it, I think you need to go. Once. And then never go back.

Which is what Katie, Jill, Zac, and I decided to do on Friday night.

I’m still not really sure what the point of the fest is, other than an excuse to drink all day and smoke anything you can get your hands on. Which was happening everywhere. There were some fair booths set up and live music, which seemed pretty normal. But I’m going to go ahead and say this was nothing more than a hippie fest. Which is great for them, but not for me. Just because I can pull off the hair, doesn’t mean I can pull off the lifestyle.

If I had to sum up the entire event in one picture it would be this guy.

Typical Com Fest-er. Tie dye shirt. Two cups. Stretched out. Loving life. Imagine 1,000 more of him. That is Com Fest in a nutshell. Homeboy above passed out in the middle of the park for a good half hour from all kinds of illegal things, let every single one of us pose with his passed out self, then woke up completely disoriented and stumbled away.


I found out real quick that it’s also legal to walk around topless at this fest. Yes, topless. Which all the wrong people took advantage of, of course. Some of the women got really into it and painted some serious masterpieces on their chest though. Hey, whatever you have to do to feel good I guess.

The hippies and their lifestyle made for a interesting Friday night. Best people watching I’ve had in awhile. But… to be honest the girls and I needed some time to recover from that one.

After we ditched the tree huggers the girls and I headed back to the apartment for a glass of wine by the lake. The wine opening was a serious process, ending with the cork floating in the wine bottle. Yes, that’s possible folks. But wine tastes the same either way.

Good conversation, good friends, and good wine. Great Saturday night.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you’ve GOT TO keep good people in your life. Period. Friends, Family, whoever. It is a make or break for me. That way, when you move 100 miles away from home, they’ll be there. To cry with you. To laugh with you. To help you.  And to go to crazy hippie fests with you.

After the girls left on Saturday I headed to the pool at the apartments to check it out. I’ve lived here almost an entire month and have yet to use the pool. What was I thinking? First time I’ve relaxed in awhile, so that was nice.

And then…to continue my new obsession with running, and get over my 5 mile safety net, I went for a 6 miler. Which, come to find out, is an easy 102 laps around the track at my athletic club. What a joke. I literally felt like a hamster in one of those wheels. Minus the whole squeaking part. And to make it even better, this track overlooks the pool, and the entire thing is glass. You’re welcome for the show Premier. Let’s just say I will definitely be sticking to sidewalks and trails from now on.

And then I got a little visit from Kelli and John Saturday night. Like I said, keep good people in your life.  🙂

So here we go. Week 7 of being a grown-up. So crazy to think that I’ve been at this for 7 weeks right? Couple big things to accomplish this week- starting with finding a washer & dryer. Don’t even ask me how I’ve lasted this long. I can only imagine how appliance shopping is going to go, I don’t have a clue. Watch out Columbus. Wake-up time tomorrow: 5:30 a.m.

Need encouragement this week? : God’s love & promise to us.

“I will make them a covenant of peace and banish wild animals from the land, so that they may live in the wild and sleep in the woods securely… they shall be secure on their soil; an they shall know that I am the LORD their GOD, and I am with them, and that they are my people.”

-Ezekiel 34: 25-31