I can’t believe I forgot to tell this story. This is actually pretty funny.

I got lost in downtown Columbus. Completely, 100%, without a doubt, lost.

My first clue?  Big Mama Joe (my saving grace) ran up to me in a panic and said, “honeychild – you are way too light skinned to be in this area.” And continued to walk me to a bus stop. “Get on the bus baby girl.”

Ha. Yeah. Happy to be alive. Thinking about investing in a GPS watch? Or maybe a bullet proof vest. Not entirely sure which one will have the better return on investment just yet. Whew.

So my mom has officially moved in with me for the week. And we took full advantage of my day off today.

My Mom & I at the zoo.

Stop #1- The Columbus Zoo. Say hello to the newest member. If I can’t make human friends in this city why not the next best thing right?

A Columbus zoo trip has been on my list since the second I stepped foot in this city, so of course we had to make it a reality. My mom & I checked it out and actually had a fun time. The best thing about animals is…they can’t do anything to make you mad. And the good news is, I can bring one guest for free with my pass. So animal lovers…start booking your trips.

Sup Dude.

Stop #2- Easton mall to meet Katie & her mom. What can I even say about shopping…it always puts me in a great mood. Not to mention, I left with 4 slices of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Dessert for a whole week? Can’t complain.

And, I found my new favorite little cafe. COSI. Great for Italians.  http://www.getcosi.com/

And, Katie is one of those people I need in my life, to keep me sane & pick me back up. So it was great to see her. Again, hold those people close in your life.

Katie & I by my lake.

So…continuing my/OUR study this week, here is principle #2 for healthy living.

Principle #2- I Earnestly believe that God exists and believe that I matter to this God and that God has the power to help me become whole. “Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4

Sometimes I forget how much I really do matter to God and how his plan for me is even more incredible than I could imagine. Because sometimes, you hit rough spots.  And it sucks. And it’s hard to trust him and his plan…And you just feel broken. I’ve been there. But God has the power to help us become whole again – Because we lean on him to get through those spots. And he builds us back up. Like the principle says, we matter.

Think about it.

Just adopt my new motto…. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Getting hit with some serious reality soon after a relaxing 3 day weekend. One word to sum up my day tomorrow: java.