Alright.  I call dibs on Lebron’s larger than life Nike poster in downtown Cleveland. (If the fans haven’t burnt it down yet) OR…better yet, I call dibs on that building space for my face to be plastered.

And I know we’re all tired of hearing about it. So this is all I got… if we paid half as much attention to things that actually matter in this world as we did to the King of Cleveland, we’d be able to accomplish some pretty cool things. I mean seriously, put your energy into peace. We’re fighting wars, natural disasters, and some seriously corrupt people but we’re all too focused on a NBA trading decision. Makes sense.

Anyways, of course we were disappointed Cleveland, but we’re used to it. See ya out there Lebron. Boycotting Miami and everything about it for the forseeable future.

So…the week long vacation with my mom continues. I’m having fun showing her my new city.

I found my soulmate in a 50 year old comedian at the Funny Bone this past week. He cracked on relationships and cops for an hour and a half. Where have you been all my life?

If you’ve been to Columbus and haven’t been to the Funny Bone, then you definitely missed out. Its a little comedy club nestled in the Easton Mall, and always a lot of fun. Especially when you need a laugh.

I also hit a milestone in my life and bought an Ohio State tshirt. I am officially a Columbus-ian.

And considering you literally can’t go into a store in this city that doesn’t sell OSU attire, its pretty amazing I held out for this long. Bring it on Columbus football season.

Saturday night, my mom and I checked out Picnic with the Pops, which is an outdoor concert put on by the Columbus Symphony. Yes, I’m a 22 year old nerd and listen to classical music. You bring a blanket, some wine, snacks, whatever…and enjoy the music.

This concert was actually pretty awesome. It featured Peter Cetera from the band Chicago, who is definitely being added to my itunes playlist. Look him up, but go in with armor, every single song of his is a love song. But its too good to even hate. Which brings me to the best part of this whole concert – the entire night was romantic themed.

So there we are. My mom and I with 1,000 of our closest coupled friends. And romantic music. And the icing on the cake? We decided to sit next to a group of gay couples. They brought wine and drank it out of princess cups…went all out. Interesting night, but great music.

And most of the rest of the week has been spent interior decorating the apt., which has actually been a lot of fun. My new purchase goal – find a big comphy chair for my bedroom. I’m sure pictures will follow.

Principle #3 for ya’ll –  I cannot control every aspect of my life and my will at every moment. I can choose to commit my entire life and will over to Christ’s care and control. I have the ability to turn my life over to God’s care and rest in the assurance that God will take care of me always.

“Happy are the meek.” -Matthew 5:5

In other words, let go & let God [glorify your life]. The faster we can all learn to do this, the better off we’ll be. And I struggle with this, so this principle hit me like a ton of bricks. Working on trusting God more every day.

Have a good week everyone.

By the way- Marathon Mile Count – 7.4 miles. Steppin it up.