ZUP from Columbus. 🙂

Alright…Reassuring moment of the day: coming home to a guy holding something out in front of him BOLTING to the dumpster.

The guy, turned out to be my neighbor. The something, turned out to be a mouse trap with a dead mouse dangling from it.


And of course, the guy manages to yell to me in passing… “hope you don’t have mice in your apartment!”

Ha. I’m sure I have them too. Awesome. More to come on how I handle this little treat.

In a major meltdown about how I’m going to actually budget for this grown up lifestyle, I started an experiment this month. I’ve been keeping my receipts since July 1st, and then at the end of the month I’m going to go through them and see where I can afford to cut back. And let me tell you, just knowing about the “envelope of death” in my purse collecting all my purchases is forcing me to think twice about buying things. I think it can be a good learning experiment for everyone. And hopefully…a money saver.

So in my money saving efforts, I bought a shelf for my living room. Easy installation right? Wrong.

Two women. Two hours. And too many holes later. I still didn’t have my shelf. In fact, I had to call in reinforcements from my company.

But after a great deal of effort, I now have a shelf. Like every real “home” owner should have.

And if you ever get the chance to see my apartment in person – Shower this shelf with as much love as you can. Make me feel like those efforts are worth something.

I ALSO FINALLY found a place to recycle in this city. (which is much harder than you think). I’ve been driving around with empty wine bottles in my trunk for the past week, which I’ve now found out can get you in a lot of trouble, fyi.

But you’d be surprised the amount of recyclables that one person can generate. I mean…look at my month long stash:

And now that you all know I live on wine, pancakes, and orange juice…do some recycling yourself. Feel like you’re contributing to the world. haha. Columbus actually makes it really easy: http://refuse.ci.columbus.oh.us/recycle/

Big day tomorrow, as my company’s volleyball team “The Itsy Bitsy Spikers” makes their volleyball tournament debut down at Flannagans. If you’re around the capital tomorrow, stop on by. Always good entertainment.