Wonder what the policy is about driving while naked? DWN is my new lifestyle.  And when its this hot out, and my ac is broken, its a necessity.

This whole thing is actually pretty funny. I strip down on my way home from work so that I MAKE IT home from work. Even when its raining, I’ve got to have those windows down.

Considering the word on the street is that this stupid thing costs about $400 to fix…I’m not even thinking about getting it fixed. Learning to deal.

I without a doubt have the rowdiest group of first graders at Vacation Bible School this week. Seriously, a handful. But they’re a ton of fun. Its awesome to be around kids. Two nights down, two to go.

Another really awesome thing about my life right now: My library fees. My THIRTY DOLLAR library fees. Yes, thats possible. And yes, I managed to rack up that much.

Turns out…I wasn’t renewing my things online like I thought I was. Not at all. Also turns out that Columbus has quite the fee for late returns. Going to try to hold off on paying this as long as I can.

So…you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be in jail within the next couple weeks for A. driving while naked or B. failure to pay library fees.

Sup Lindsay Lohan.

Calling myself the fugitive in Columbus.

And Rob Thomas says…welcome to the real world Kbowl.

PLEASE open this video and then minimize your browser. The song is great, the picture of my man Rob, not so much.

For those of us 9-5 ers: Happy hump day eve.