This weekend… I got a tattoo from a man in a kilt. Can’t say I’ve done that before.

Katie & her mom came down to the capital for the weekend, so of course I had to show them a good time.

Friday night we went to the piano bar in the arena district, which has kind of become the staple bar for my visitors. And it’s always a good time. This time…we completely got called out. At the time it was totally embarrassing, but now it’s pretty funny.

There is a part in the show where the pianists ask everyone in the bar to stand. And, we decided we were too cool to stand. Big mistake. The pianists shine a light in our faces, call us Michigan fans, Lebron fans, and haters…they just go crazy. By the end of it they had the entire bar boo-ing us.

Good thing it was dark, my face was red. ha. Only us.

Saturday we went to the Ohio State fair, which is definitely in the running for the best people watching place. Seriously, I’m not sure what people are thinking sometimes.

But we did the typical fair tour – saw all the farm animals, ate our weight in fair food, saw a couple shows. And got my tattoo.

These are henna tattoos. Katie & I both braved it and got one. Completely natural and completely safe. (believe me, I asked questions like I was signing my life away or something…) Of course the people giving us the tattoos were extreme naturalists… I mean, the one guy was wearing a kilt. But everyone could use a refreshing tree hugger encounter every now and then. Right?

Plus Katie & I were being adventurous. And we wanted to fit in with the classy fair people…success. The photo above shows the paste that they use to dye your skin. You scrape away the paste & whats left is the dye.

Pretty cool stuff. I am a branded tree hugger for the next 7-14 days.

Today my mom joined the weekend extravaganza & we all went to see the Broadway musical Wicked downtown. To sum it all up in one word: awesome.

I’ve wanted to see Wicked ever since I joined the drama club in high school (yes…I was a drama club nerd bomber…and yes, I loved it.). So this has been a dream in the making for awhile for me. And… it was everything I thought it would be and more. Blew me away. Add it to your bucket list if you haven’t seen it before, it’s worth it.

Here’s a little preview of my favorite scene:

And… If you need someone to go with, I will make myself available. I’ll probably be rocking that soundtrack in my office all week long.

Brett shared this quote with me today from the church we went to in college. Its one of those that makes you think…

“You may act like Christ, but do you react like Christ?”

I think sometimes it’s easy for Christians to be Christlike, but it’s the things that hit you when you least expect it, at three in the morning – when you don’t have time to think, that really test your faith. And I think asking yourself the question: “do you react like Christ” can really open your eyes. It’s definitely been in my thought process today.

Newpointe is the name of the church we went to through college. Here’s their website: They’ve got some really good messages. Check it out.

This week: Shark Week. What else do you need to know?

For a discovery channel junkie like me, it’s like a second Christmas. I love watching these intense fishies. You can find me glued to the TV most of the week.