I don’t have a drop of German blood running through my veins, but I’m without a doubt in love with Columbus’ German Village. The city has that old school feel of brick roads and all brick buildings. What a cute little part of the city.

Conner, Chris, Jesse and I ventured down to German Village Tuesday night for brewskies and brats at the Old Sausage Haus. The place was packed…and for good reason.

This little restaurant called Schmidts serves an authentic German menu, complete with a typical German brew. And its been featured on the show Man Vs. Food on the food network, which makes it a piece of famous Columbus.

I got the sausage they’re most known for, the Bahama Mama. DELICIOUS. And, I had my first try of German potato salad, which is nothing like the stuff that we pile in for American cookouts. For starters, its warm and mashed, with bacon. Its got a vinegar zing to it too. Awesome.

Heres a shot of my meal.

Licked the plate clean. Check out the website for this place: http://www.schmidthaus.com/ . I recommend a visit. Or two. Or ten.

After dinner, we headed to The Loft, which tops the list for my favorite Columbus finds. Its this bookstore that has 32 rooms full of books. Its one serious maze, which I got lost in more times that I kept track. This place had unique books that I’ve never even heard of before. Sports, history, best sellers, zen habits, you name it…they got it. I could get lost in that place for hours. Not to mention, all the books were discounted. Definitely would have gotten a better deal than my $30 library fee.

I love finding little places like that.

Also found a homemade jewelery shop, which was another great find. The lady who was working said she “was the sweatshop” for all the jewelery in the store. One-of-a-kind pieces in that shop. And great for a jewelery feene like me.

I’ve always been told that German Village was home to the gay population of Columbus. Which might be true, but I’m thinking the gays are on to something here people…

Leaving the village an older man stopped me and raved about how much I look like Chelsea Clinton. Thats definitely a new one…  Call me crazy, but I’m just not seeing the resemblance here…

So maybe the Germans can’t see, but they can cook, drink, and read. What more do you need?

Good little trip.