So. I created my first expense report.

Hello reality.

In my OCD organization, I saved all my receipts from last month and created an excel spreadsheet of where I spent my money. I broke my spending down into three categories: Housing, Car, and Miscellaneous. I think it’s good for anyone to actually put their spending down on paper and take a look at it.

Well…I could have told you where I needed to cut back without the spreadsheet: at the mall.

Yep. Could have cut that spending in half and still been mad about it.

In my little country girl defense though, I’ve never lived so close to a mall in my entire life. In Homerville, I had to drive at least an hour to make it to any kind of mall. So I’m pleading the in shock syndrome. It takes some time to adjust….

All in all though, I stuck pretty close to the budget I made for myself back in May. And, I was able to save 27% of my income for the month. Yes, I realize it’s pretty pathetic I know that.

But I’m thinking of making this a habit. There are so many cool things I want to do that will take a little cash flow (hello backpacking through Europe…not cheap), so it’s important that I save where I can. And let’s be real, no one actually cares what I’m wearing. That whole popularity thing is over now. hah.

So the goal for next month is to save 35% of my income. As Tim Gund would say, “make it work.”

So, this past weekend I learned a very important life lesson. Put cheap wine in the freezer, and it can (and will) freeze, expand, and explode. Whoops.

My old roommate/soon to be new roommate Sarah Kay came to visit. She just got back from Costa Rica, so I haven’t seen her since June! So of course we had to have the ultimate catch up session, which always involves some vino.

We thought we’d be fancy and chill the vino in the freezer while we went out to eat. Big mistake. It was all over the freezer later.

Which just goes to show, these crazy blonde moments I’ve been having on my own will only be multiplied when Sarah moves in in a couple weeks. So in advance, enjoy the stories.

This weekend was also my family’s big Homerville barn party that they have every year. And let me tell you, you haven’t partied until you’ve partied with us Homervillians. My uncle skydived into the party for starters, and it was nothing but a blast from then on.

Complete with a photobooth, DJ, Karaoke, and all the drinks you could want, I’d say it was a pretty successful party. be the judge…

Meet the Bowling women. We. Are. Awesome. haha.

Started my morning with some authentic Costa Rican coffee from Sarah Kay. And for a coffee lover like me, it was heaven in my cup. I would highly recommend any coffee from Costa.

Ya know…next time you’re in the area. haha.