GREAT NEWS. After much searching, I found that they do broadcast Browns games in Columbus.

I am refusing to convert to a Bengals fan. All the         Bengals hype down here is ridiculous. Staying true     to the Brownies.

The famous Browns saying: its ouuuurrr year!!

SO here I am. On a Saturday night. In my bed.             Watching the Browns. And screaming like I’m at         the game.

Now thats dedication. Or at least thats what I’m         calling it, because the alternative is lameness. ha.

Whatever the case, GO BROWNS!

I went outside of the box and read a Buddhist book today. Its called “Whole Life’s Work” and for some reason I thought it was going to have all the answers to my life and what I’m supposed to do with it. Don’t know what to do with your life, ask a buddhist right?

The author, Lewis Richman, made some good points about why we’re here and what our life’s purposes are. He made a big case about “work” and how we all associate this word with our jobs, or what we do for a living. When really, the “work” we do in our lifetimes should be the work that serves a bigger purpose and helps others.

I learned I am a “creator” , or someone who helps others imagine , then make real, things that do not exist yet. We think outside the box, never sit still, and open others to new possibilities – through art. AND…my talent helps others survive.

You’re welcome.

I also learned I need to have more “patience” in life. Yep. I’ll agree with that one. And the guy had me convinced that the energies of this world are constantly working together for a purpose driven life for each of us. We just need to find it.

So..I”m in the “searching” stage, I guess you could say. So call me a crazy Buddhist follower, but I like it. Read the book in a day.

And the Zen saying that stood out to me the most: “every breath, new chances.”

So I’m thinking we can all learn a little from a Buddhist.

Alright. Found this sign the other day & had to snap a photo. Who knew those little dwarfs in Snow White were secretly chanting this? My life story…where do I get one?