Okay. Bible super-hero of the week: Naaman.

I’ve got to be the crazy inspirationalist that I am for this post. And yes, inspirationalist is a self proclaimed title. And yes, its also not a real word.

Minor details.

2 Kings 5:1-14.

This passage of 2 Kings tells the story of Naaman, a good standing commander of the army. Naaman suffered from Leprosy, which is a skin disease that attacks the body with a rash. With blessing from the King, Naaman travels to the King of Israel to have his leprosy cured. However, when he gets there, he found that the King of Israel was no prophet and could not cure him of his disease. Instead, he is sent to the prophet Elisha.

Elisha tells Naaman that in order to cure his leprosy he must bathe in the Jordan river 7 times. Naaman was furious by this response, thinking that Elisha could cure him in one small movement. And he’s afraid to wash in the Jordan river. He’s fearful of what the wash could do to him.

None-the-less, Naaman gets the courage to wash in the river. And with each time, his skin heals itself a little more. And by the 7th wash he is completely cured of leprosy.

And this is what inspired me. Naaman & his fear tugged at my heart.

Naaman was afraid of the water, and frightened by what might happen to him- he was terrified of the unknown. And even though God was speaking to him and telling him that he needed to bathe in the river, he was still afraid.

BUT. Don’t you see? After he trusted God’s word & did what he was asked, the very thing he was terrified of ultimately saved him.

He exposed himself, fearless, to become whole again. And his surrender brought him back to life.

I’m 22 years old. The only thing I’m sure of each day is my coffee at 6 a.m. and my spinning class on Thursdays. I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years. I can’t possibly know if I’ll earn my master’s degree . I’m not sure if I’ll ever get married and live the white picket fence American dream. I can’t tell you who will win the Buckeye’s game next week…

I’m absolutely terrified of the unknown, which at this point could be endless.

But should I hold back? Of course I’m worried about scars and messes that come with risk, but hey…that’s life. Because, like Naaman found out, the very thing that you may be afraid of, may ultimately save your life.

And of course Naaman could have drown in the Jordan, he could have gotten some crazy water disease, or he could have never been cured. But he took the risk & collected the reward.

We must come clean and expose ourselves, despite our fears, to find out who we are. We can’t be completely free until we’re clean and cleansed. We must be willing to expose ourselves, raw and bare, to become whole.

So I guess I’m saying… dive in. If you’re Naaman & have leprosy, literally. If you’re living in this century & healthy, not so literal, but more mental. Dive into your life & hold nothing back. We’ve got nothing to fear.

Annnddd…if you’re not pumped up now, I don’t know why. Much love to my homeboy Naaman.