Annnnddd the ladies at work are trying to put my profile on

Ha. what?

So I chase/ drool / obsess over the UPS guy that comes in the office everyday.  So what?

So my coworkers solution- Online dating. I’m actually not sure which one is worse.

This is what my life is coming to.

Being strong & resisting as of now. But if I’m still drooling over Andrew the UPS man a year from today, match & I might talk. I’m 22. I’m being optimistic in the fact that I still have some game.

But according to their website, 12 couples get engaged or married on the site each day. Good odds, or good fake marketing. Either way, people are going for it.

I mean, I know the site probably has some real winners on it, but I’m just going to have to pass this time around.

But the ladies at work are on a mission, how long can I stand strong? haha.

Picked up my 1/2 marathon packet today. I have an official shirt, beer mug (ironic?), and the number 93 race tag. Its 2 days, 9 hrs, and 10 minutes until showtime, according to the website.

I’m excited/nervous/ready/terrified/fired up… I think I’ll be my happiest at 10:30 Sunday morning. When I’m finished, feeling accomplished, and hanging with the marathon pit crew. The marathon pit crew, which is what I’ve called it, is my mom, Katie, Jill, Sarah, Chris, and Zac all of who are making the journey at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday to cheer me on. I am the luckiest!!

So blessed to have such great people in my life. We’ll see how happy they really are at our 5 a.m. wakeup. 🙂

Now. For the 1/2 marathon goals:

-First and foremost, FINISH. FINISH. FINISH. period.

-Run the entire time. No jogging or yogging, as will farrell would say.

-Don’t fall, trip, or get trampled on… which I’m actually worried about.

-No getting sick please.

-Have some fun…if thats possible?

I’ve learned that the 1/2 marathon is about 95% mental and about 5% endurance. Of course my endurance training will help, but I think if  I get fired up mentally, I should be home free. I’m  actually pretty certain you can apply this to ANYTHING in life.

And here we go. No turning back now.

Ran into this cool license plate the other day. Turns out to be a GREAT chapter of the Bible. Looks like God is always looking out for me. 🙂