I got SO CAUGHT UP in my 1/2 marathon spotlight, I forgot to share the hands down funniest part of my weekend. The story that might actually trump the air conditioner story.

Shocking…I know.

Katie just got her very first teaching job in Wooster (congratulate the heck out of her please!!)!! And it just so happens that the biggest teacher gear store is 5 miles away from my apartment. So Saturday afternoon we go to check out this store.

And we stumbled on teacher heaven. So many cool things to buy for the little ankle bitters of America. So we spend a good half an hour in the store looking at everything. Anndd…when we go to leave I can’t find my car keys.


Anyone see where this is going?

So I have a panic attack, dump out my purse, retrace my steps…still no keys.

So we go to my car and I see Katie putting her hands on the hood checking the temperature. And then she realizes… that the car is in fact hot, and yes, you guessed it…it’s running.

So we actually got out of the running car without realizing it and shopped for half an hour. What?

And if that wasn’t good enough, the kicker is that both the doors were locked.

So here we are…standing in a parking lot with my car running and the keys locked inside.

Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a new all time low winner.

There are just some things you do that are just so incredibly stupid, you’ve got to stop and laugh at yourself. This qualifies.

Thinking about investing in AAA. ASAP.

Also, the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 Marathon results are finally posted!! Looks like I was a little off the female front runner pace, who finished in 1:17. Unbelievable. I ran to finish, not to place, but its still pretty cool to look at the results.


Tomorrow is a big day in Columbus, because the Buckeyes kick off their season!! And, I was lucky enough to get tickets!! Preparing myself for the sheer insanity that is Buckeye game day in Columbus, and I couldn’t be more excited!