So 6,000 women joined me at the Women of Faith conference in Cleveland this weekend. Estrogen literally invaded the city.

We had such an inspirational weekend of strong women speakers, singers, and motivationalists. To hear the stories of these women and to see the things that they have gone through really made me realize how truly blessed I am. And, to see how strong they stayed in their faith through each of their trials was incredible. God has amazing promises for women of faith.

Not to mention, I grew closer to the women that I went to the conference with, which was great. It’s just as important to have strong Christian women in your life to set an example and hold you accountable.

My mom & I at the Women of Faith Conference.

I took a lot away from the conference and learned how to grow into a strong Christian woman and represent that the best way I can. I want to radiate with my faith, the way I was meant to. And I hope to one day be confident enough to share my faith journey with a group of women.

My big realization of the weekend was this: I take life way. too. seriously. I’m always worried about something and thinking about ways that I can fix it, ways I can change it, or ways I can improve. And I hate the unknown, which drives all of this crazy worrying.

So, my solution? Knock off the seriousness. I’m 22 years old. I have plenty of time to worry about things, this part of my life shouldn’t be one of them. And most of all, realizing that God has already written my life path, and no amount of worry will ever change that. The way my life unfolds is already set in stone, and its more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I’m finding out, it all comes down to trust.

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

-Pslam 62:8

And in the meantime, while my life is unfolding, I’m going to have some fun. The most unserious fun there is. Turns out, the Joker had it right all along. Why so serious?

Some Christian faces you should get to know:

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman- Amazing husband and wife superteam who sing, blog, speak, and write their christian values to share with others. (most moving part of the weekend for me)

Mandisa- American Idol contestant who now sings/belts out Christian songs

Imagine- The worship team of the weekend

Patsy Clairmont- Witty, fun motivational speaker with a pretty amazing story.

Happy work week, America. Week 19 for me of being a grown up…crazy?

Ha…I say America as an inside joke. Not being conceded and thinking all of America reads this blog. Dream Big, Kristin.


4 thoughts on “RADIATE.

  1. 1. I understand your America inside 🙂
    2. LOVED going to the conference with you this weekend. We had a whirlwind weekend but I wouldn’t have had it any other way than spending it all with you!
    3. LOVE you beyond words!!

  2. Kristin–I heard about your blog so I wanted to take a look–It’s awesome! And it seems like you’re doing so well in this post-graduation life! Congrats with everything and keep up all your hard work. Miss you!

  3. Awww thanks El!! Hope you’re doing well!! You should make a Columbus roadtrip soon!! I’d love to hear all about your grown up life!! Hope you’re doing well!! Miss & love you!!

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