I’m having a 1/4 life crisis. I know this is supposed to happen at the halfway point in your life, but I’m convinced there is a 1/4 life crisis too.

And the world does it to ya. You’ll never learn more about yourself than you do in your first few months of living alone. Everything I thought I knew, I don’t. Everyone I thought I knew, I don’t. Everything I thought I believed, I don’t. The way I thought things were, they aren’t.

And the world isn’t as nice as I thought it was. So I’m tired of being nice back to it.

So my solution? Give myself a makeover. Its time to grow up and match the new kick butt, don’t take crap, sophisticated, strong woman that I am. And, its time for people to start taking me seriously. And the blonde curlies…they’re not doing it.

It’s almost like a sandy from Grease makeover, in my own little way. FIRST, I need about a week to seriously talk myself into it. And then…I need another week to actually do it. But we’ll get there. Photos to come.

Wonder where I can get a black leather body suit?

So this past weekend I made my visit to Saum family farms in little Amanda, Ohio. Best farm in Ohio, obviously. Katie, Sarah, Chris, & I got the entire farm tour & kicked off the fall season. And, it made me feel like I was back in the heart of Homerville.

I could have spent hours on the farm just exploring. Such a nice little getaway from the crazy Columbus city (thanks Zac!)

Not to mention, I got pumpkins, squash, and a watermelon. Not a bad deal!!

Hanging out on the farm. 🙂

I was a proud member of Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school. For those of you who didn’t have the privilege of FFA in your high schools, its the organization in napoleon dynamite when he’s doing the milk tasting. We learned all about how to be a farmer, skills which I’m totally putting to use now… haha.

But anyway, got to get back to my roots & see my best friends, which is my all time favorite combo.

Sarah, Chris, & I checked out a new church on Sunday. The Vineyard is a super mega church of Columbus. Seriously, the campus is bigger than our apartment complex. On Sunday nights though, they have a service exclusively for the “20 somethings” crowd called The Joshua House. In my entire church tour of Columbus, I’d have to say this one might take the cake. What a great contemporary service. The music was exactly what I needed, and the message was crafted right to the point we’re at in our lives as the “20 somethings.”

Not to mention, its such a great feeling to see an entire auditorium full of young Jesus lovers! I’ll definitely be visiting that place again. And if you’re not a Columbusian, you can listen to sermons online: http://www.joshuahouse.org/ .

Cool happenings in the Columbus.  Have a good week.