Alright. I did it.

Dyed my hair & straightened it. I feel like a whole new woman!!

Tada!! And I told myself I would never do the myspace photoshoot style pictures. But I kinda had to. Please don’t judge me.

I made my hair appointment the day after I decided to change my look, mainly for the fact that I didn’t want to give myself time to change my mind (which totally would have happened) So this entire little spontaneous decision took place in a little under 3 days.

And I was terrified. Absolutely terrified sitting in that chair at the salon. And after a 20 minute pump up session, I finally gave the go ahead start.

It’s amazing to me what splashing a little bit of color on your hair can do to you! I feel more sophisticated, more confident, and more grown up. And I can already tell that people are taking me more seriously. Not to mention, I feel completely liberated!!

And…I can fly under the radar for all the people I don’t want to see. Bonus.

It’s funny, because at work everyone is calling me Sister Mary Kristin, as my alter ego. Haha. Awesome.

So, I’m a big advocate of changing your look. Every girl needs to do it once in her lifetime. It’s one of those unexplainable things that really changes you.

I’m at a different place in my life. I’m stronger and more independent than I ever thought I could be. So, it only made sense to get a fresh new look for my fresh new start.

And it’s amazing to me the amount of people I’ve inspired by doing this. I can’t tell you how many girls have told me that this little stunt inspired them to look a little more at their lives and make some big changes. Never knew it could have such a big impact.

Change can be good. And it can make a big impact on your life. Making spontaneous decisions more often.

So this weekend was really special because my best friend from preschool got married! It’s so crazy to me that we’re at the point in our lives where my friends are starting to tie the knot. And this was my first real friend wedding of the “friend wedding season” you could say.

Jaimie looked beautiful and had a gorgeous wedding! I couldn’t be happier for her and Brian! And I can’t wait to see the way that their lives unfold together. For as much as a marriage cynic I am, I have to admit that weddings between two people who truly love each other are so incredibly special. And it was so evident that they were so in love. Best wishes to them both! So happy that I got to share in her special day.

When did we grow up? And how do we make it stop?