BIG adult day.

Today, 5 months and 9 days since I moved into my apartment, I got my very own internet. My own router, my own signal, my own connection! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

No more stealing from the neighbors, no more living at Barnes & Nobles, and no more hanging out at the gym with a computer. What a great feeling.

I finally feel like  a real person living in society.  Funny how it does that.

LOVE it. For now. Ask me in about a month how much I’m loving it when my first bill comes…

So Sarah Kay is OFFICIALLY a Columbus resident, with a new job & a new fiance!! And I couldn’t be happier, big things are happening in her life & I’m so excited that she is sharing it with me. Feels good to have a roommate & not have to talk to myself anymore.

Although, I’m sure it was pretty entertaining.

So I got the best little bit of advice this weekend at the Joshua House service. (which decided to do an entire sermon on being single. As if two of my very good friends getting engaged this week WASN’T a big enough slap in the face…thanks).

The one liner that stuck this Sunday was when the pastor said this, “Sometimes, we’re too focused on getting to the season of life that we want to be in that we miss the season we’re already in.”

That little line really made me think about where I’m at & how I need to embrace it- Instead of wishing & hoping for the next part of my life. Because too soon, I’m going to wish I was a nobody straight out of college living on my own & figuring things out. Living on mac & cheese & peanut butter sandwiches – the whole deal. So why not love it now.

In this “celebration of singleness” I guess you can call it, the pastor referenced Paige Benton Brown. Paige is a Christian writer living the single life & really taking it all in. She says she is “singled out” by God at the point in her life to motivate others and grow herself. Being single is her gift, and she’s using it to do good.

Pretty inspirational stuff for women, whether you’re flying solo or not.

And if that doesn’t work, Jason Derulo always has your back, obviously.

Jam of the week for this girl.