I’m doing research on setting up my retirement fund. Whhaatttt?

Can’t believe I’m actually at the stage in my life when I need to start thinking about this. Really, its crazy. I’d like to stop growing up now. Thanks.

The good part about this is, that by starting a fund now & saving little by little, I can actually save up enough for a nice retirement. ( which I have many plans for including but not limited to: a house on the beach / in the mountains, European getaways, drinks with umbrellas in them, lots of naps in hammocks, tons of baking, and spending time with my family)

FOR all these plans, there is a number. The number of dollars it will take to actually live out your retirement & enjoy it. You can ING your number here:  http://www.ingyournumber.com/ by answering a couple questions.

Great news. My number is $2,163, 154. Insanity.

So maybe its not a bad idea to start thinking about a retirement fund. So I can put some sort of a dent in the $2 million its going to cost my wrinkly self to live.

Still though…insane.

So this weekend actually got jam packed within the last day. I’m headed out to the booming metropolis of Wooster tomorrow night to hang out with Jill. And then Saturday, is the  Homerville Fall Foliage tour. Fall is absolutely my favorite season, and Homerville celebrates in the best way. We “farm hop” from farm to farm, getting pumpkins, apple cider, caramel apples…the whole deal. Ultimate fall experience & I’m pumped.

You do a bar hop, in Homerville we farm hop. If you know me at all, you can’t even be shocked about this.

And Saturday night Alexis and I are heading to the University of Akron to see our friend Dane produce his very first play. Talk about growing up…!!

Exciting stuff. Feeling more blessed each day.

Just a little sunset from the state capital. 🙂

PS- if you can’t get enough of this blog, I have to brag a little & give you Sarah Kay’s new blog URL:  http://lifeloveandwords.wordpress.com/ . Thought my life was crazy enough on its own? Things just got a whole lot more interesting now that I’m living with one of my best friends. And…not to mention, her life is way more exciting than mine – she’s planning a wedding!! Doesn’t get better than that. 🙂