OH What a great little weekend in Homerville.

Alexis & I went on a date with our moms and hit all the farms on the farm tour. I got to soak up all the fall things that I don’t have in Columbus. I look forward to the farm tour ever year, like the little Homerville native that I am.

Not to mention, I got tons of things to bring a little bit of the ville to my apartment in Columbus. We’re now all decorated ready for the best season of the year – fall.

And then of course Alexis & I had to play around on these larger than life tractor wheels! Insane.

All in all…great little hick weekend. 🙂 I really missed the simple Homerville way of life…which is nothing like the crazy city lifestyle I’ve adopted.

So today starts the 61 day period of my life known as “life without my best friend.” Brett left for Ranger school in Georgia today.  Ranger school is actually one of the most respected army training programs in the world. So its going to be an awesome accomplishment for him, and of course I couldn’t be more fired up!! Its just this whole not talking thing that miggghhhtt get me. The army just has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? And yes,  I know that’s completely selfish, but I just can’t help it.

Anyway, it’s a pretty intense training  ( I have yet to find a description that doesn’t use the word intense in the first sentence), so send up a little prayer for him these next couple months, everyone. And then, send up a little prayer for me. Haven’t decided which one of us is actually going to need it more just yet.  ha.

Lucky for you though, blog posts will probably get more interesting because Brett usually helps me filter out my blonde moments before they actually happen. No filter for 2 months…should get interesting.

Happy workweek!