The golden (girlified) rule: NEVER underestimate the power of a great high heel.

And never for a second think that it doesn’t have the power to boost your mood. Because that little heel has more power than you give it credit for.

Lori and I whisked away on our lunch break today to Baker’s shoes at Easton Mall. Shoe heaven, ladies. I recommend lunch break shoe trips to anyone.

And of course on my fresh out of college, rent paying, bill paying, student loan paying lifestyle I couldn’t actually justify buying any of the shoes. ( not to mention I own over 20 pairs already, minor detail) But trying them on did plenty for me. What a great little boost.

If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I would do (of course after donating to charity, third world countries and all that great PR that every lottery winner has to do) is go on a high heel shopping spree.

Seriously, power in heels ladies.

Working on finding small (&  free / cheap) ways to boost my mood in this city.

My pathetic list needs some work:

– Shoe in-store fashion shows

– Spinning class

– Zumba dance class

– Being a park junkie

So its a work in progress, but that fits my life – One big work in progress.