I’ve been a blog-slaaaccckkker.

So…lets condense this into a sports center top 10 list.

1. I have rediscovered my true love of pumpkin. And its becoming a serious problem. I frequent three places weekly- which Columbus makes very easy to do: Dairy Queens (for pumpkin blizzards), Marathon gas stations (for pumpkin cappuccinos), and Dunkin Donuts (for pumpkin muffins). Seriously, wouldn’t be surprised if my skin started turning orange at this point.

2. Meet the newest addition to the Bowling family, our cutie patootie Bella!  No we’re not a crazy cat lady family. Its just one of those Homerville things. Having a cat is like having a car, seriously.

3. Today, I discovered the single best thing for people who hate doctors like me: Minute Clinics (Thanks Nadine!) Apparently, these are not new things, but I have never heard of them – mini clinics in drug stores! No line, no wait…just quick check up services. And since I’m arguably the worst patient in the world, this just works.

4. I have officially proven that brunettes are taken way more seriously in this world. It’s incredible the amount of respect I get as a brunette that I most certainly didn’t get as a blonde.

5. My newest crazy ambition is to get on the show, The Amazing Race. And I’m wasting no time working towards it.

6. John 14:27.

7. I’ve started making my wedding reception playlist. Because that s what every 22 year old single woman should do in their free time, right? Important aspect of my special day that I won’t have to worry about. Check it off the list. (suggestions welcome!)

8. God is doing some big things in my life right now, and I love seeing the ways he is working through me and through others. (More to come on this.)

9. Meet Stanley, the newest member of my life. Katie got him for me, and you will not be seeing the last of him. And yes, he is a Dr. Suess character.

10. Once a Raider, always a Raider. Made it back to little Alliance, Ohio this past weekend for Homecoming / Alumni weekend. Great to see all my favorite Purple Raiders. 🙂 I think you have to leave something and then come back to truly appreciate it.

So there ya have it, my life in a sportscenter reel. Big, busy work week ahead…lets do it.

And…Big blog milestone, because we’re now over the 2,000 page view mark! This still floors me, that my life is this interesting…but I’m happy to see it. Also, happy to see the new blog revolution & everyone sharing their stories. Awesome awesome awesome!