“There is a place where love is. Be there.

There is a place where joy is. Be there.

There is a place where grace is. Be there.

In all of us there are places where love is, and where love is not.

In all of us there are places where joy is, and where joy is not.

In all of us there are places where grace is, and where grace is not.

Go to the places within where love, joy and grace exist.  From these places, live your life.”

What a great little thought this is that I stumbled on today. Finding the love, joy, and grace in my life… & holding on to it.

Not a whole lot going on in my glamorous, blog, worthy life.  I had a GREAT, MUCH NEEDED weekend with my best fiends from college. I say college, like it was so long ago…I know. And it seems like it, believe me. But when our entire bbf entourage hasn’t been complete since May, its a big deal.

We tore up Columbus & it felt good to be together again. Haven’t laughed that much in a long time ya’ll. And if you have graduated, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t graduated, you will soon be finding out.

I have to share this typical, living on your own, figuring things out for the first time, story…

I came home on Friday after work to my kitchen floor in this state:

Yes. Those are soap bubbles. And Yes. That is water. And Yes. Its all coming from our dishwasher.

Tweedle dee & tweedle dum (Katie & Sarah) used our dishwasher for the first time Friday night – with handsoap. And they found out the hard way, that hand soap doesn’t work quiiitteeee the same as dishwasher soap. Note to self: hand soap bubbles OVERFLOW.

Anndd…I literally hit the floor laughing when I saw this.

Love them both, bad judgement on dishwashing.

It took every single towel we owned to sop up this mess, and I’m pretty sure our neighbors below us got a nice little shower that night.  But, we’re keeping it interesting right??

Sounds like something I would do. Thats why we’re best friends.

Trying to get through this week with the time change, which is REALLY messing with me already.. The moon was out at 6 p.m. tonight, I’m not diggin it. At all.