So today, I’ve been in the real world for just about 8 months. And I think that gives me enough credibility to confidently make this bold, but true statement: The world sucks.

It’s not even close to being fair.

It kicks you when you’re down, throws you curve balls, challenges everything you think you are, and it shows no remorse. And then, just when you think you’ve found a way to deal – boom, it comes at you again. Twice as hard.

And I think half the battle for all of us is trying find a way to be okay through it all -which is hard.

I read a blog post recently about the importance of embracing your inspirations. This blogger’s main point was that too often God gives us these inspirations in our hearts & our minds to help us be okay, but we choose to ignore them because this “unfair life” gets in the way.

And that, is where we lose it. We lose the life that was meant for us because we ignore the things that God has made exclusively for us. And we ignore, because these things in this crazy life we’ve created get in the way – or at least we think they do.

“We pray for signs and miracles and avoid the context for which they can take place.” -Christine Caine

And this again spoke to me when I was at church on Sunday. Trying to tell me something God? The pastor shared this story about a smuggler:

The Clever Smuggler

A clever smuggler led a donkey carrying straw to the border between two lands. There, an inspector eyed the pair with suspicion.

“I must search these!” the inspector said. “You have hidden a treasure you wish to sell in our town’s market. You must pay a border fee!”

“Search as you wish,” retorted the man. “If you find something other than straw, I will pay the tariff.”
The inspector dismantled the straw bundles until there was straw everywhere. Yet not one valuable thing did he find.

“I am certain that you are concealing something,” said the inspector. “Yet so carefully have you covered it, I have not discovered it. Go!” The inspector watched the pair leave with a scowl.

The next day, the man reappeared, his donkey burdened with straw. Once again, the inspector pulled apart the bundles until there was straw everywhere.

Again, the inspector found nothing. Each day, for ten years, the man came to the border with a donkey. Each day, for ten years, the inspector rummaged through his bundles, but found nothing.

Finally, the day for the inspector’s retirement came. Even then, he could not stop musing about the wily smuggler. One day as he walked through the marketplace, he muttered, “Perhaps I should have examined the donkey’s teeth—or searched the hairs on its tail!”

Suddenly, he saw a familiar face. “You came to the border every day with a donkey laden with straw. Come here!” he exclaimed.

At the man’s advance, the old inspector said, “Admit it! You were smuggling something across the border, weren’t you?” The man nodded and grinned slyly.

“So tell me what it was!” the inspector demanded.

“Donkeys,” said the man.

And the point is this – that sometimes the things that we need to get through the “unfair life” are right in front of us, we just get too caught up in the crazy world around us that we miss them. (just like the inspector, who missed the donkeys right in front of him!)

God has got to be so frustrated with us, because he gives us everything we need, in plain view! We just have to give it a little effort to really see what he’s doing. Sometimes the very thing that could make you the happiest is right in front of you. He throws us the life vest – and its up to us to take it. And not only take it – but hold on tight.

I’m a firm believer that when we find things that make the world suck a little less, thats God, and it makes sense to hang on to them – no matter what the “unfair world” tells you. If it makes you happy, why question it?

So maybe it doesn’t have to be this complicated; maybe we all need to stop questioning why these  inspirations are calling to our souls & just jump in.

“Let your life speak” – Old Quaker saying