Inspiration can hit you when you least expect it.

Aka…The kind of inspiration that comes out of left field from a 95 year old resident at a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now. I have never been able to decide if I want to live to be 95 or not – Because as glamorous as that sounds, you’ve got to lose your mind.  Not really sure if its a blessing or a curse to live that long. Ask me again in about 75 years.

So this blessed / cursed cute 95 year old man at the nursing home wheels himself down the hallway and our paths cross. And he looks at me & he says, “do you have all the problems solved yet?”

And my instinct was to tell him that I had, even though I had no idea what problems he was talking about & I was pretty sure he didn’t either.

And I had no idea that his one little comment would make me think as much as it did. OR – that it would evolve into a blog post. Its crazy how that one little (more than likely senile) comment had such an impact on the way I’ve been thinking lately.

It made me realize this – I can’t actually solve all the problems. And the quicker I realize this, the less stressful my life will be. It was my ah-ha moment:  “Stop trying to solve all the problems that God has already predetermined the solutions to, Kristin”.  Because sometimes, I like to play superwoman and do it all – I rack my brain to the point of stressful insanity. And I think, somewhere in that cute old guy’s little head, he was trying to tell me that.

Just a little thought, from my new friend at the nursing home.  Thanks, homeboy.

Happy short work week, for those of us in the working world !! And what a big week in my little marketing world too. Can’t wait for that 5 day weekend. 🙂

10) Today, I’m thankful for music!! And the awesome, party-of-one, jam sessions I have on my way home from work. I swear, people next to me in traffic probably think I have turrets or something.

PS- Happy BEAT MICHIGAN week, Columbusians!! Mirror Lake dip tomorrow anyone??