Five minor (but very important) things to leave you with before two very important holidays coming up – Thanksgiving & OSU / MICHIGAN.

1. I’m very blessed / thankful for many things this year. It will be so great to spend some time with family & friends who keep my world spinning. (& I need this mini vacation, too.)

2. Since I’ve been an official Columbus resident for about 8 months now, I felt it only necessary to participate in the traditional Mirror Lake jump for the Michigan / OSU game – which I had every intention of doing, until I realized the insanity of it all. I think the Dispatch summed it up the best –

Crazy, insane, out of this world experience that I was not ready for. There were more people hoarded around this lake at midnight than even went to MUC when I was there. I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a riot, but I imagine it being something a little like last night. Wow. Adding it to my bucket list. I’ve got to jump one year. For now though, I’m pretty okay experiencing the madness from the sidelines, in my 4 layers of clothes.

3. Listen close to this Ohio State / Michigan video around the 1:00 – 1:10 mark. This firreesss me up! At least Michigan fans are smart enough to realize a little something about the PURPLE RAIDERS!!! (Thanks Conner)

4. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, friends & family.  There is always always something to be Thankful for – even when your world is crumbling around you.  Is my life perfect? Absolutely not. Not even close to perfect, but thats what makes it fun.

My best advice is this – take it for what it is, be thankful, and just keep on living. And no matter what the case, the “thankfuls” always outweigh the “thankful-nots.”

5. Oh, & Michigan still sucks. GO BUCKS!!!