Hope everyone had a warm & happy Thanksgiving!!

Of course it was great to travel back up to little Homerville & spend some time with my great, big Italian / Polish family. And when we do Thanksgiving, we do it right. Just saying.

And I love the feeling you get when you’re with family around the holidays. Mmhmm. Can’t get enough of that.

I crossed another thing off the bucket list this weekend, & I did it in a big way.

#27- See the whitehouse in person.

And yes. Took that photo myself, ya’ll !!

I tagged along on Katie’s family’s vacation to Washington, DC for the long weekend (thaankkksss guys!) . And I have to say that all the postcards, all the movies, and all the news stories you watch about DC cannot prepare you for the actual feeling of being in the capital of the country.

Awesome feeling.

The city is crawling with history, and we jam packed a lot of it in the long weekend. I saw so much of what makes up our country. Just knowing that the people who have shaped our country wrote the things I was looking at, stood on the stairs of the buildings I was standing on, & saw the same things I saw was a really awesome feeling.

And I’ve always had a great appreciation for our country, because I was taught at an early age the importance of being an American and the price that comes with it. (Thanks Grandpa! ) But that feeling definitely gets stronger at the capital.

And of course, Katie & I had to take a stab at being the president…haha. And yes, I’m doing the George Bush signature point on the podium. Had to go there.

So I’m convinced that every American needs to make it a point to see the capital. It’s who we are & if you’ve never been, you’ll understand when you get there.  SO proud to be an American. And, its only 6 hours from Ohio, no excuses people.

AND…this little trip has sparked my interest in Abe Lincoln, who is the man. I’m thinking about reaching a new all time nerd level and reading his autobiography. Cool. Really. Old. Dude.

A couple awesome verses I’ve come across this weekend (in the form of license plates on the PA Turnpike…who knew?) –

James 3:2

John 14:1

Thanks for your motor-riffic inspiration, Big Guy. 🙂