Okay. This is funny.

I won a turkey.

I went to the VMAs of the building world the week before Thanksgiving – which was actually pretty awesome. Awards were given out for architectural design, craftsmanship, creativity…and just about everything else related to construction. (who knew, right?)  But apparently, its also tradition to give away turkeys at the end of the awards. And guess who had a red little turkey stamped on the back of her program? This girl.

Ha. So now I’ve had this 16 lb turkey thats been sitting in my fridge for about a week and a half. And now that the actual turkey coma of Thanksgiving has worn off, its time to rev it up again…right?

I’ve never made a turkey solo before, just for the record. But why not now right?

The turkey after the turkey.

Here we are before….

And 5 hours, a little bit of squirming, a lot of oil, and a couple hand burns later, here is the finished golden bird.  The turkey after the turkey!! Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me.

And, just for the record, a turkey tastes much better when you make it yourself. I actually really surprised myself! So we had a second thanksgiving, and probably will be eating turkey for the next month or so. So if you’re in Columbus, my apt will be serving as a soup kitchen. You’re all welcome, every night of the week. Adam & I could only take down so much of this bird… ha.

Music of the week: Sara Bareilles’  Kaleidoscope Heart. Pretty sure that Sara wrote the soundtrack to my life. I’m playing the whole cd on repeat. Check it out… $9.99 on itunes.

And, Sarah & I’s Sunday project: Christmatizing our apartment!! Favorite time of the year. Photos to come.