Okay, this little mini blogging vacation I decided to take is donzo!

I must admit, this holiday season has totally consumed me – in a good, holly jolly kind of way.

This is the list of Holidays favorites this year. The first, of many lists I always make to close out the year. I think the end of the year is meant for learning from the year that’s over, celebrating the year thats coming, & making good constructive changes in your life for the future.

Afterall, you can’t possibly move forward until you learn where you’ve been, right?

The TOP 10 of this Holiday Season:

1. Family. Family. Family. These past couple weeks,  I was reminded how God has truly blessed me with the people I have in my life. My family extends into such a bigger group of people than who I share a last name with. And for that, this holiday season, I am truly thankful.

2. My new mattress that was waiting under the tree for me. BIG. MONUMENTAL. DEAL. This new mattress that will be delivered to my apartment on Tuesday will replace my old, 25 year old, mattress that I’ve had my entire life.  And for any of you who have snuggled in my bed before, you know its been a long time coming.  The average life span of a mattress is roughly 7-8 years, fyi.

3. Free Christmas cookies in the office. OH YEAH – best kept secret of the corporate world is the massive amount of holiday cookies that get delivered to your office.  Awesome.

4. Day after Christmas shopping  & deals at New York & Company.

5. ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas movies. And the countless countless reruns of Home Alone 2, my favorite.

6. Finding the one little missing piece of my life in a bible study that Sarah & I joined through Joshua House.

7. Pirogie making with family!

8. Having the first little Christmas tree of our own in our little apartment!! And stockings, and decorations…the whole Christmas deal.

9. Dark Chocolate hot chocolate in big mugs.

10. Last but not least, giving back & the good feeling that comes with it.

Feeling very blessed this Christmas! And the blogging dry spell is over, much to say & do soon.

By the way, new contender for the bucket list, friends.  http://www.travelchannel.com/Places_Trips/Travel_Ideas/Outdoors_And_Adventure/Sports_Vacations/Marathons_In_The_Us