Alright, so here comes 2011 – whether we’re ready or not. And 2010 was a year of big happenings  for me – I graduated college, moved my entire life to Columbus, started a new job, started paying bills, ran my first 1/2 marathon, went to the nation’s capitol… what a whirlwind. A lucky whirlwind that I was / am so happy to be caught up in. Feeling so very blessed for 2010 & feeling very anxious for 2011 & whats to come.

God’s  got some big plans for me this year – and I can’t wait to share them all!

Its important though, to have some take aways from last year. It was a big transition year for me – learning who you are & your place in the world is never easy. And yes, I’m still a huge work in progress, but I’m getting there – slowly.

What 2010 taught me:

1. Nothing worthwhile is ever ever easy.

2. Music is power.

3. The garbage disposal will start to smell. Dispose lemons every now and then.

4. When you don’t know what to do with yourself (hello Kristin!!), do something for someone else.

5. Spontaneous adventure – that is the stuff that life is made of.

6.  Always carry 2 copies of your car keys with you.

7. When broken, running is the best therapy.

8. People will undoubtedly let you down in some way – but there are a few who are just enough to be worth it.

9. You are ENOUGH, just the way you were created. And people who can’t see that, don’t have a place in your life.

10. Its important to eat ice cream at least once a week.

11. Graduating college is an awesome feeling – but the real world is nothing like college, and nothing can truly ever prepare you for it.

12. Hot water takes electricity to generate – which means your electric bill can, and will go up when used.

13. Be silly, not serious. For crying out loud – seriousness is no fun.

14. One day, it will all make sense.

15. When hanging pictures, use a level.

16. When you want something really bad, stop looking for it & it will find its way to you on its own terms.

17. When in doubt,  dance.

18. Learning does not stop after college.

19. A GPS is a truly one of the greatest inventions.

20. Sudoku puzzles are addicting. (& supposedly stop Alzheimer’s!)

21. I always end up finding my way in the end. And if I’m not okay yet, its not the end.

22. God made me a lot stronger than I thought I was. His grace can pull me through anything.

Heres to 2011!! Spending the next couple days ringing in the new year with great friends and an amazing family.  (Oh..& a couple martinis & a little line dancing)

See you next year!!