My first post of 2011…& I’m embarking on some big things. (& 11 is my lucky number, I can’t lose this year)

I know that I’ve had enough time to plan & discover WHAT I want to do, & now its time to DO to the DOING. My growing bucket list is up to 96 things – I think its time to start knocking these out.

And, the new year is a perfect time to tackle #15 – Read The Entire Bible. Of course I run to passages in the Bible for whatever encouragement I need, but I’ve never read from cover to cover. And, Joshua House is making it real easy on me by literally laying it out in a day by day reader guide.

Want to do it with me? Click this link & then call me for coffee so we can chat about it. 🙂 I think its important to understand the ENTIRE story, rather than the parts that appeal to you most. So #15, you are set in motion.

And although this is not on my bucket list, also making a change in my workouts for 2011. Starting the Jillian Michaels shred workout. I’ve done her workouts before, and she is intense!! Her kick butt attitude is exactly what I need for the new year. Not to mention, this is the worst time of year for the gym – all you resolution makers. The gym is packed! I always try to avoid it until at least mid February & all you guys give up!!

So inviting Jillian Michaels into my living room for the next month and a half for a good butt kicking. Her workouts show some great results, time to bring it on.

SO many other cool things are being set in motion this year. But keeping them secrets is much more fun….Keep guessing. & checking back for more.

Happy 2011 – I feel like this sounds so futuristic. Shouldn’t we be flying or living on the moon or something?