So if you haven’t signed up for Groupon… Read the rest of this post – then go to & register yourself. Its a free coupon website, that sends you a deal of the day through email. And you can get really awesome deals.

Really awesome deals that let you do this:

Rock climbing has recently been added to my bucket list & I wasted no time jumping on this deal when it showed up in my inbox. $25 for a rock climbing mini lesson and a month pass to Vertical Adventures in Columbus. And…what an awesome awesome experience!! Spent a little over 2 1/2 hours climbing all over this place! And I only fell once, and I have a pretty good love handle bruise to prove it – I can never fall gracefully, obviously. And, I even tried bouldering when I got really comfortable with it.

Alexis (my adventurous partner in crime since 8th grade) & I had a complete blast with this! Great new way to workout some muscles that don’t usually get used. Not to mention, my upper body strength can definitely use some work. And, it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out, because its an adrenaline rushed blast! Rock climbing might have just become my new hobby of 2011. Although I rocked it, there were some definite experts in this place that I’ve love to be one day. I’ve got rock climbing goals for the year, no worries.

Alexis & I at Vertical Adventures

So year 2011 of “doing” instead of “planning” is off to a great start. Also, starting off the year with a great new book. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is best selling book about a women’s search for true happiness. And the best part is, that it started out as a blog , that really took off & made it big. And I’ve actually been following Gretchen’s blog for a little less than a year so I’ve really been able to see it take off. Great inspiration from a strong, positive woman.

Her book, is more about the process of writing her blog & the thought that went behind it. I’ve been engulfed in it the past few days, like the reader nerd that I am. I’m a sucker for make-me-feel-good-positive-life-changer kind of books. And this is the perfect example. If you need a little life boost, check it out. And if nothing else, check out her blog!

So now starts the time that Sarah & I like to call the time of the year that drags. on. forever. Its dark, its cold, its winter, & the only relief we have coming is St. Patricks Day / March Madness in a couple months. Until then, its nothing but working in the cold cold winter. Looking for little pick-me-ups throughout this time to pull me through.

PS- this new little Bible reading I’ve started for 2011 is going really well. Not too late to start. 🙂