Fact: To get the most out of life,  you must must must go on roadtrips. And the best kind, are those adventurous spontaneous roadtrips with your best friends.

So Alexis & I set off on our little adventure to Chicago. Two 22 year olds. Without a plan. Without a care. Leaving in the middle of a snowstorm. Awesome.

We have recently made the discovery of the megabus – http://us.megabus.com/ . Which is a double decker bus that can take you anywhere from Kansas City to Washington for cheap. cheap. cheap. So we jumped on this deal & made our little weekend getaway to Chicago.  And just for the record, it plows through massive snow storms.

Chicago has always been my favorite city to visit. Awesome food, great shopping, & incredible people too. Whats not to love? We had an absolute blast – minus the 4 below temperature every day. The windy city in January….not the best idea I’ve ever had.

I’m a travel junkie. What can I say?

Alexis & I in Chicago. 🙂

Oh. & Special thanks to our long lost friends Scott & Laura from housing / entertaining / putting up with us for the weekend. We’re a hard pair to handle.

Changing gears to my newest inspirational blogger – Tony Nolan.

I met him at Winter Jam last night, and his story of overcoming life is truly incredible. Born to a prostitute crack addict, he strongly fell into drug and alcohol addiction to numb the overwhelming pain of his life. He continued to fall further and further into a destructive life. And it wasn’t until he found God that he was found again.

Pretty cool dude. And pretty awesome blogger. Check him out. http://www.tonynolan.org/blog .

Happy lazy Sunday ya’ll. Have  a good week.