Talk about some incredible women power brewing…

Molly, a friend of mine from middle school student council (ha, I know, that brings us all back, right?), has decided to embrace International Women’s Day this year (March 8)!! She has centered her motivation around the power of women, and the big  impact that we all can have on the world if we stand together.

And its a pretty incredible undertaking, because as much as we want to believe that we as women are respected in the world, we still aren’t seen as equals. As a woman being thrown into the real world a little less than a year ago, this has never felt more real. And I think its important that we as women come together, stand strong, and know that we are needed and appreciated in this world.

“While it is true that Oprah has tremendous power and influence, I realized upon reflection that every woman can be an Oprah to someone.  Imagine what the world would be like if every woman showed support to at least one other woman, standing behind her in some way on the ladder of success.  Oprah seems to have the desire to share with others what she has received, and I would imagine this consciousness is part of her huge success.  What she demonstrated to me was the power of sisterhood, where a woman helps another woman and others are helped in the process.

We must not fail to learn from the lessons of women who share their bounty of opportunity and influence and power and goodwill.  There is a mountaintop with enough room for all of us.  None of us will get there and stay there unless all of us get there and stay there.  If women succeed only in isolated cases, the professional world will continue to be unsure ground for women in general.  We must take the communion of women very seriously at this time and do all we can do to support other women in reaching for the stars.  There cannot be too many glorious women.  There cannot be too many queens.  There cannot be too much success.

—Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

SO. That being said. A group of us are ordering some pretty stellar tshirts to wear on IWD from Miss Molly to show our support for women internationally! It all starts with women supporting women, gals!! And lucky woman reader of this blog, you too can be a part of our little women power shoutout.

In the words of Miss Molly sistergirlfriend:
“I am putting it on a shirt and ordering one for myself to wear on IWD, and I’m inviting you to join me if you’re interested (see option 1 and option 2!).  The shirts cost $13-17 (dependent on # of orders), but if we each pay $20, we can donate the profits as a lump sum to Women’s Campaign International, a GREAT org focusing on grassroots empowerment AND structural changes around the world.”

Email me your shirt preference & size to BY FEBRUARY 11!! And we’ll get you hooked up, sister girlfriend.

Awesome little women’s movement I’m proud to be a part of (and you should want to too). Yayaya Molly. 🙂

“Every time I move, I make a woman’s movement.” – Ani DiFranco