Title Boxing Club has come to Polaris! http://www.titleboxingclub.com/

So of course, I had to check it out. Knock out another little item on the bucket list, and get a kick butt workout in the process.

Talk. About. Workout. You want to burn some serious calories, kick boxing is the way to go! Lori & I checked it out after work on Friday, and we both consider ourselves to be in good shape, but man we weren’t ready for this workout. I’m still hurting, and its Sunday. AND I have a nice little BA shiner on my knuckle too that I’m showing off to everyone. Awesome workout, if you’re looking to change up the norm. AND they have bright pink boxing gloves. Umm..hello, sold!

Not to mention, our instructor played football for Capital. So of course we had to duke it out, & I had to remind him about those Purple Raiders. We had some fun & got in some serious shape. I’m a fan. #19- cross it off. I’m looking into a membership…Any takers?

Also, made the greatest discovery in the form of a cupcake bakery .5 miles away from work. Ahhh.

Blue Frost Cupcake is the little blue shop on the left. (this photo was a total after thought, and I was already across the street – my bad). But none-the-less what a great little discovery for a sweets lover like I am!! I’ve already been back twice. Its juuussstt the perfect little 2:30 pick me up at work. And I can’t help it if its only a half a mile away from work. Seem like it was meant to be?

Columbusites (you’re welcome Conner) check this place out – best little bakery in Columbus http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Frost-Cupcake/128162273895557.

And the best part? They have a flavor of the day every day. Might be something to work towards – trying every flavor of the day? Life is all about goals, right?

Also, very awesome breakout artists from the Grammys (that you should probably add to your itunes asap) – Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, & Avett Brothers.