It seems as though life had caught me a little break lately, & I haven’t had any crazy “kristinisms”  for awhile. So of course, life had to fight back & make up for lost time. And it came back with a vengeance.

I had a huge proposal due for work on Friday at noon. So of course I entered into typical Kristin mid-week panic mode about on Wednesday. Thursday night I stayed at work until 12:30 & from there it started.

In my all nighter at work, I started to panic a little. Because I’m a 22 year old young woman, working in Columbus, by myself. Our office is in a pretty nice part of the city, but you never know, right? So…my defense of choice – the pepper spray in my purse.

My fire fighter uncle gets me mace every year. And I appreciate it, because it makes me feel safer. So I have this mace sitting in the conference room with me as I chug away on my proposal. And as the night goes on, I realize I’ve never ACTUALLY used this stuff. So if someone was to come attack me, I would be out of luck. And my solution? – test this mace.

Note to self – don’t EVER spray mace in confined areas. And don’t spray mace into a trashcan, because it can, & will flare back up into your face. Which is exactly what happened to me. I maced myself, and experienced the symptoms of coughing, watering eyes, and sweating for about an hour afterwards.

So not only do I now know how to use the mace, I now know it works. And it works well.

And if that wasn’t enough? After I finally get all 6 copies of this proposal finished I’m carrying them to the printers to get bound and I FALL DOWN THE STAIRS coming out of our warehouse. The proposals go flying, I break my favorite pair of heals, and now I look like I got beat with a baseball bat.

Thank you life, you’ve been slacking.

Ha. Only me, right?

Special little shout out the awesome people in my life who continue to pick me up when I do ridiculous things like this. Honestly- never a dull moment.

Totally off topic, BUT leaving you with this:

If you’re a runner, awesome book for you: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Cool story about a super-human running tribe in Mexico. These people run upwards of 50 miles a day – & then some. Running inspiration at its best.

Lets hope for a mace free, fall free, sleep filled week this week.