Confession: I have a new love relationship with kickboxing. Actually, border line infatuation.

Ten Reasons you should be taking a kickboxing class (like yesterday):

1. A well placed kick will HURT, SLOW DOWN, or KO an attacker. Do you watch the news in Columbus? – Can’t hurt.

2. You burn 700-1000 calories per class. To put that in perspective, I only burn about 300-400 for every 3 miles that I run.

3. BIGGEST STRESS RELIEVER of my life. There is just something about beating up on a bag  that has no close substitute.

4. Get. Shredded. Fast. Kickboxing sculpts the muscles in your body.

5. Pink boxing gloves !!!

6. You sound, look, and feel BA.

7. The classes are motivating – with the music, the people around you, and the instructors pumping you up its hard to lose motivation!

8. For runners – it strengthens your running game! I can already tell the difference in speed and strength when I go on my runs.

9. You will have an instant infatuation  for Rocky, Ali, Million Dollar Baby, The Fighter, and any and all boxing movies ever made!

10. And lastly, best reason ever – You can eat all the ice cream you want without any penalty! Hello kickboxing…where have you been my entire life?!

Its an overall, KNOCK. OUT. WORKOUT. – You get in shape, and have some fun doing it!! What can I say, lovin me some kickboxing. 🙂