Insane. Crazy. Grown-Up things happening. And I’m not readddyyy yet.

When did we grow up & how the heccckkk do we make it stop?

I think its very true that some of us are young & free spirited – Or we like to hold on to being young as long as we can. And I have no problem saying that is absolutely me.

Growing up means bills. And work. And marriage. And kids. And being responsible – whats that?

Literally feeling like I need to kick it with my inner child and color in a coloring book, build a house out of blankets, or play with some playdough to counter act all these grown-up happenings!!

I think its perfectly okay to be an 18 year old at the heart of a 23 year old body. SO much of my life ahead of me to be grown up, why start now?! And I think, more than anything right now, thats exactly what I need.

So, my life altering epiphany of the day: do more kid-like things. Time to be immature while I can still get away with it right? And ya’ll can do the growing up, I’m just not there yet. Period.

And, this might make blog posts a little more exciting here for awhile. Just saying.

“Too many people grow up.
That’s the real trouble with the world,
too many people grow up.
They forget.”
– Walt Disney

Tomorrow’s mission during my lunch break at my very grown up job – Buy a very not grown up coloring book & crayons. And then, a foot long of double bubble gum. For Pete’s sake.

PS- Just a little reminder that God is always there, check out this photo that the very awesome Lorie Bowling took in little Homerville.

PPS- Some entertaining, but very typical Kristinisms of the past week. Its just been a blonde week, okkaayyy. :

1- I febreezed myself in the eyes. It burns. It stings. It hurts for hours. I don’t recommend it.

2- I melted a plastic bag to the top of my stove. Still not really sure how I did that one. Not fun to clean though.

3- I ran at the park, took a new trail, and got lost – 5 miles later. Yeah. Looking into navigation ASAP.

4- I went grocery shopping, went to check out, had all my groceries scanned and bagged at the self checkout, and realized I didn’t have my wallet. Stellar move.

Just another week. Nothing but entertainment here.