No, this has not become the “how to survive unemployment” blog. Its just really taken over my life, and forced me to make some lifestyle changes. Which are blog worthy.

Changes like reading the business section of the Sunday paper.

I’m a big Sunday paper reader, but I have selective reading. The “good” reading that includes the front page section, sports, the lifestyle section, and travel section exclusively. And obviously, the coupons.

But now, my focus has shifted to the business section of the paper. And today, I’m finding really encouraging statements from the business economists ofColumbus. Really optimistic things like, “last year, 36% of  the 590,000 unemployed workers in Michigan had been searching for a job for a year or longer,” and “Experts predict that it could take at least five years for the country to create the more than 12 million jobs needed to return to the pre-recession level of employment.” And my personal favorite: “The average duration of unemployment is 40 weeks, once you hit 99 weeks the  chances that you are going to re-enter the labor force is pretty slim.”




Thanks for your optimism old blue haired businessmen.

AND, to top it all off, turns out men have a better chance of getting employed than women do. Not going into this one…but really?!

And thats scary. What am I supposed to do? I feel like I have a better chance of winning the lottery at this point than getting a job.

But great news, unemployment inOhiohas dropped to 9%. Thats the encouragement I got this week.

So the search drags on…. and on. and on. And apparently, I’m working against a 40 week time frame. I’m up for the challenge, and I have no doubt that I’l be okay, but honestly, how the heckkk do you stay optimistic in this situation? Probably, starting with putting down the business section of any paper and giving a big middle finger to the economists of the world.

And, working to prove them wrong.