And sometimes, when life gets crazy, you just need to get away & soul search.

One of my absolute favorite things to do, that came to me last week in the form of a trip to Old Man’s Cave at Hocking Hills National Forrest. Which, I realized that I’m only about an hour away from. Eighth wonder of the world?

I loaded up my myself, my ipod, my bike, my camera, my bible, and my running shoes and headed out.

And it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. Spending time alone, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

I spent the entire day there. I hiked around the park for almost 4 hours exploring. WHICH is actually pretty  impressive, because I didn’t get lost / kidnapped / hurt once. And for anyone who knows me, impressive is an understatement.

And I found the best little writing inspiration spot. And just for the record, for a writer, to find a writing spot, is heaven on earth.

And its when I find places like this in nature its then that I know God exists, because there is no other explanation for the beauty and awe than that only a higher hand can be capable of it all. Which confirms that God is capable of  beautiful, unimaginable things in my life too.

And, right there, on the rock of my writing spot, with the Old Man waterfall falling down beside me, I found peace for where my life is at this very moment. And I felt thankful for that moment. Because no matter how crazy my life seems at times, God’s got me – HIS love is “the greatest.”

Such a relaxing, optimistic little day trip. AND, I’m thinking I could get into some real trouble down in little Logan, Ohio. So much to do.

And, what a beautiful park Hocking is. I got to get back into some photography! I see many more soul searching / running / photo sessions to come, especially if this grueling job search keeps dragging on.

And yes, Scott..these are real pictures I took. I did not copy them off of a magazine website. Jerk.

And don’t ask me why they all run together, not really sure why either.