In all my 23 years of life I have never, ever had a problem with allergies.

And somehow, after moving out of the boondocks of Homerville (with everything that I could possibly be allergic too) and into real civilization I have just developed them. How does that work? Can you be allergic to other people? To car exhaust? To concrete?

Totally and utterly perplexed. And I’m not really sure how to handle it.

Any allergy curers out there, please give me your secrets. Or send me your meds. Whichever works.

Spending my days (& nights) sneezing, blowing my nose, and taking meds to clear out my sinuses. Its great.

Also, big week, because I’m starting to train for the Warrior Dash in Logan, Ohio.  Also known as “the crazies frickin day of your life.” Its a three mile long course with 14 obstacles throughout it – including scrambling beneath barbed wire, hustling through a wind tunnel, and climbing over cargo nets. I’m doing the race with my family – I think theres about 10 of us? Should be a great time – great pictures to follow.

The race is June 5th – send me your best training methods…. I feel like just running isn’t going to cut it. Also, as Randy Jackson would say, “I’m in it to win it”  – JUST FINISHING and not placing is not an option.

Also, best part of this thing? You get an authentic warrior dash helmet at the finish line, along with a pitcher of beer and a medal.

So basically, I’ll look like this in about 2 weeks:

I’ll take numbers for dates, fellas.

This is going to be a blast. I’m getting fired up. On my way to warrior status!