Still working on knocking things off of my ever growing bucket list. And lets be serious, what else do I have to do?

So I entered this silly little contest through Women’s Health Magazine (in which I am a subscriber and all around obsesser to) .  And I did it just to do it. I wasn’t planning on sharing it with anyone or even really getting after it – but now I’m just getting competitive!

And, I might just have a fighting chance to pull it off.

The grand prize is a trip to the Rivera Mexico. 🙂 A trip to Mexico would be an absolute blast, but lets be real, I’m TRYING to get a job here, and keeping it would be nice. haha. So I don’t think taking a week to go to Mexico is in my future. But I know two very very deserving people of this trip and I would love to be able to give them this as a gift. And believe me, they deserve it more than anyone in the world.

Message me for more info about these people. Their story will break your heart & you’ll understand where I’m coming from here.

SO, I need you to do your part as an active Facebook user. And I know we all obsess about Facebook and make it a part of our everyday. So there are no excuses!!! Play like a champion!! It will take two seconds.

Click this link:

Vote for me.

And then do it every day after today until the end of July…. Ha. If this actually goes somewhere, there will be reminders friends. Thanks.

Am I the “fittest friend on facebook” ? – doubtful. BUT we need to get me in the top ten…I’ve got confidence!!

I think this meets the “outrageous contest” requirements, for sure. Haha. Can’t believe I’m doing this. But life is all about being outside of your comfort zone..right?!? Cross it off!!