BECAUSE I spend all of my time at my apartment anymore, I notice big apartment happenings. Things like when we get a new neighbor.

A new neighbor who puts this friendly little welcome symbol on his door the second he moves in.

Excuse me?! Welcome to the neighborhood, pal. Not hard to guess what I’m thinking – swastika?! Also not hard to guess the panic attack I went through when seeing this posted on the door below me. Invasion of the Nazis in my little Columbus apartment complex?!

Upon further review / creeping / analyzing, I found that the man who lives behind this door is Indian. And, since I’ve never heard of an Indian Nazi (in fact, I think it might be an oxymoron…) I did some research.

This sign above on his door, isn’t a nazi swastika symbol at all. The 4 little, almost invisible dots make it hindu not nazi. Who knew right? Turns out, this swastika means good fortune, luck and well-being. Four dots is the difference between death and good fortune…who comes up with this, right?

For a book report on this phenomenon: .

So now I’m utterly interested in this new neighbor. And I want to pick his little “good fortune” brain.

And the lesson of the day: Check your swastikas at the door, friends. Literally.