Whats that old saying? When one thing breaks…everything breaks?

True Story.

This has been the summer of broken things. Starting with my phone…where my charger broke off inside of it. Yes, that is possible. And yes, it happened to me. Of course.

And that just opened the flood gates. In the past week, my ipod bit the dust, which for a music fanatic is like losing your right arm. Still working on nursing the ipod back to health. My computer also is struggling – the thing is 6 years old, its time for a new one. And then, to top it all off, my car is finally dying one little thing at a time.

So, thanks Life.

Its funny, because I’m so used to being a poor college student living on ramen noodles that when things like this happen I immediately have a panic attack without thinking. Hello Kristin, you have a real job, that makes real money, remember? Welcome to life. Still getting used to this whole having money thing.

The up side to all this, if there is one…is that I rejoin society with updated things. Starting with my smart phone…which I’m borderline obsessed with. Verizon crushed my dreams at an iphone, which I’ve been drooling over ever since they came out. Turns out, iphones have more downsides to them than upsides. Upsetting, since I’m a mac user, and totally flaunt the fact like most apple lovers do. But my droid is pretty impressive too.

Important things you must know about me and my phone:

1. I own people at words with friends: Kbowl11 . Add me if you dare.

2. I’ve had my phone for 2 weeks and have already beaten 2 worlds of angry birds. Averaging a world a week…no big deal.

3. I’m back on the tweet scene (@kbowl) after about a year of being MIA. My phone drew me back in. You can see my tweets to the left. Please don’t judge.

4. Cardio Trainer is a great little app I now use to track my runs, bike rides, boxing classes, swims… its pretty awesome.

5. I also just started playing Bistro Cook, which might be my new obsession for the week.

Bottom line is…which the heeccckk did I do before this phone? It does everything but cure cancer. And there might even be an app for that…

So yeah, life is better with a smart phone. Still needed to fill my mac void though. Looking into ipads…yes?!