Including my loveable little red cavalier, Lola.

Lola and I had a great, long 5 year relationship that started after I bought her for $5,000 the summer before I went to college. We had great memories, 1 speeding ticket, 2 parking tickets (thanks Alliance Police Department), a million lost routes, and more close calls than I’ll ever admit to.

Okay, as I write this eulogy for my car, and you judge me, I’d just like to say that parting with your car is nerve racking. Poor Lola didn’t even know what hit her.

Honda gave me $500 for my trade in. $500. $&*^!@$* !!! The guy joked with me and said that he gave me $100 for each of the tires and $100 for the actual car. hah – poor girl.

And reasons #621 why I only got $500 for precious little Lola:

Mix that with the broken gas cap, the check engine light that’s always on, the blown out speakers (i like music…loud.), the manual locks, the manual windows, and the 130,000 miles…it was time.

Turns out, you’ve got to grow up sometime. And growing up means acting like it, too.

So this is my new whip, Zeus. (And yes, its totally necessary and totally appropriate to name your car)

Zeus is a Honda CR-V, and I’m in love with him. 🙂 His color is Urban Titanium…which makes him a Greek God, Zeus. Driving a 10 year old cavalier and then moving to a brand new CR-V is like a world of difference. I have power locks, power windows, AIR conditioning that works, 4…count em, 4 doors, an ipod hookup, and all the room that I could ever want!! And its perfect for throwing my bike in the back & going out on rides!! Not to mention, camping will be so much easier now.

Ahh…and let me tell you, the new car smell…there’s nothing like it.

So I’m cursing around Columbus in whatever chances that I get. What a good feeling to work hard & have it pay off. Ahhh.

Sidenote: If you do trade in your car, don’t leave a cd in the cd player. Especially a library cd. The library hates me. And I hate their fees. Did you really expect me to make a big life purchase without a blonde moment?! Lets be real.