I’ve lost my mojo.

Yes, taking a line from Austin Powers on this one.

What. The. Heck.

Awful timing.

My mojo is made up of 3 very important things; the things that keep me going: writing, running, and adventure. And I’ve been slacking.

Running – My 1/2 marathon / Washington adventure is in 11, yes, count em, 11 days. And my training has been rough. Between the heat, my job, my job on the side of my job, and my volunteering it hasn’t been as easy to find time to get my miles in. 13 miles isn’t something you just pick up and do. So the real question is, how much training can you pack into a week and a half?

Writing- My reading / writing has been non-existent. I can’t remember the last time i finished a good book! And you can tell by my blog posts that writing hasn’t been at the center of my world, as it normally is.

Adventure- I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a really great, life changing adventure lately. And adventure, is the stuff that life is made of, my friends.

A girl’s mojo is very important, and shouldn’t be ignored. Doing countless things this week to get my mojo back. Seriously.