Three very short, but very sweet things for a Thursday night:

1. I’m leaving for the west coast tomorrow night to visit my best friend Alexis! Oh, and run 13.1 miles in a little city called Tacoma. 🙂 Highest expectations for life for the next 5 days!! She’s taking me hiking on Mt. Rainer, camping out by the Pacific, for a little rendezvous in Seattle, & whale watching!! All of my favorite things rolled into one. Seriously haven’t been able to sleep for the entire week! (thus the random, not planned blog post at 11:54 at night.)

But first, I have to get over the anxiety of traveling across the county, alone, and in one piece. I’m one of those people that have pretty rotten luck when it comes to traveling. Any and all travel tips you have for traveling solo please send my way. Between my ocd organization and anxiety, its been an interesting night getting all the loose ends tied up for this trip. The next blog post, is a must read my friends. I’m taking a SD card that holds 1500 photos…oh yeah, some of the best scenery in the world is in this state.

And, might I just mention, the state motto is “Alki”, which is an Indian word that means “hope for the future.” State made for me & the point that I’m at in my life. It’s love at first sight. 

But seriously, send some good traveling vibes my way…I’m panicking in my typical Kristin-fashion.

2. Taking some time the next 5 days while I’m traveling to do some soul searching & really focus on my new little life motto: Letting Go & Letting God. Such good stuff in a such a small little saying. And I think its pretty applicable to the season of life I’m in.

And sister Tammie Head got me thinking. She makes this awesome comparison to a vinedresser pruning his grape plants to God pruning us:

“Did you know a vinedresser uses specific tools for pruning and he never cuts without having a goal? He tenderly keeps watch over the grapevine and thins its growth until it reaches maturity. Did you also know that very rocky soil produces the best flavor in the grapes? The gardener even pours gravel into the soil.

Over the last several years I’ve felt that God repeatedly dragged me through gravel face-first. Life has been ridiculously hard with one situation after the other. But you know what? I’ve come to realize that humbling me was His point the whole time.”

-Tammie Head, Duty or Delight

Taking some time to really analyze the things happening in my life and their meaning. And hopefully getting to that humbling sense where I understand that God is “pruning” me through people, and struggles to make me more Christ-like, and that can be painful at times. Easy to say, harder to understand.

And, sidenote, if you haven’t checked out Tammie Head, you probably should: Great woman with a heart after God and His desires. This link takes you to the bible study my small group is doing. Life changers, friends. 🙂

3. Toally jumping around on topics tonight, probably the flying anxiety….BUT Chris Brown’s new cd, FAME, must have. I know I know, he’s an awful person, especially for a feminist like me, but I can’t stop his music. And fellas, if any guy would like to serenade me to song #8 on this cd, you would just melt my heart. I’m obsessed.

Time to go to bed, get up, get some work in, & GET OUT TO WASHINGTON. 🙂 🙂