I’m seriously peeved.

The older I get, the more I realize that most things in life are taken waaayyyy too seriously. And, to continue my rant, the things that should be taken seriously, aren’t.

Honestly, what kind of twisted reality do we live in where wedding colors, sports scores, and Facebook profile pictures are more important than mental health issues, war, and integrity?

I think this little rant has been a long time coming for me, and the past few weeks have really just been leading up to it. Going out to Washington & spending a few days out west had a bigger effect on me than I ever though it would. People in the Pacific Northwest are simple people. They are active livers who have a vibrancy for life, adventure, and exploring all that this world has to offer. And they don’t let themselves get caught up in the politics of the reality we’ve created for ourselves as Americans. These people are happy with their circumstances & find happiness in enjoying the beautiful scenery that God has painted for us.

Give a Pacific Northwestern a backpack, a compass, and a national park & life is good. No questions. No complaining. No wanting more.

I enjoy simple people who can enjoy the simple things in life. Period. And I think that’s what just really gets me, people who constantly want want want more – And get caught up in material / unimportant things.

And sitting at the Ohio State / Akron game yesterday with 105,000 other people in the heart of Buckeye Nation I think it all came full circle for me. Just standing there, taking it all in, watching everyone in their football element, I started thinking…what an incredible world it would be if this many people cared about real issues the way they cared about touchdowns, rushing yards, and interceptions. Real problems. Real struggles. Think about what we could accomplish?

Don’t get me wrong, I treat Ohio State Football like another religion on game days, too. So I’m not innocent in the least bit. I eat, live, breathe football in the fall along with the rest of America. And, I consider matchups against Michigan & Wisconsin to be more important than most things in life.

..something not right here?!

What about the millions of people suffering from mental health issues? Where every day is a constant battle to seem “normal” & get by. What if I put half of my OSU energy in them? And what if over 100,000 other people joined me?

Why can I pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy a ticket to watch the Buckeyes, but I don’t take that same pride in giving to charities?

And, to really drive in my point, why do we spend hours trying to be these perfect people with new outfits, makeup, workouts, etc. when people halfway around the globe are dying every day? Not only are new outfits & makeup not a part of their lives, they have to work each day to avoid war, death, destruction, persecution….

And THEN. If that’s not bad enough, we as Americans have the audacity to want MORE. We are never satisfied, constantly restless. Like we’re entitled to it or something?!

Have I got you yet?!

Irritated by the world & the way that it is. At what point did we lose the focus on real issues? Focusing more and more on the things in life that SHOULD BE taken seriously. Think about it.