I’m currently in my quest to become more like Jesus – and I think its a lifelong quest that never really is over, because me and my crazy life will forever fall short of Him. I’ve really started trying a new way of thinking, in the hopes of developing a new way of doing. And I literally feel like I can feel the gears in my brain switch from leading with the flesh, to leading with the spirit.

Anne Frank

When I was younger, I wanted to be just like Anne Frank , a Jewish girl who journaled her way through WW2. I read her diary from front to back so many times I almost had it memorized. I started a diary of my own, and wrote about everything I saw, everything I wanted to do and everything I was feeling – I even wrote in a special code, just like Anne did. For historical day in 5th grade, I dressed up like her for the entire day, and proudly wore the jewish star on my clothes (photo to come if I can dig one up when I’m home for Thanksgiving).

I studied her, and then I became Anne Frank.

I think the same can be done with Jesus – after all, he is my ultimate idol. The more I study him, the more I’ll become more like him.

I’m staring with the emotions I feel from day to day: Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, & Surprise. And I really want to spend some time digging through the gospels and studying the way that Jesus reacted to each of these emotions in his time. I hope to share some posts on what I find.

I’m also very excited (and blessed) to share that I’ve been chosen as a part of the Lifeway Women’s launch team for Lisa Harper‘s new Bible Study, Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus! I think this study is really coming at a good time – because the book of Hebrews is all about Jesus. I know my walk with him will strengthen. I’ve also had fun connecting with other amazing women leaders from across the USA. God is doing some awesome things through this launch team, so please follow #NearJesus on every social outlet you can imagine – we’re there! And we will be sharing some sweet truth with you all.