This version of Little Drummer Boy is so good. So good that its been stuck on repeat on my iphone for weeks. So good that I play it in rush hour traffic and pretend I’m on the voice making my big debut when I sing along. So good that it has made me rethink the Christmas season in a big way.

The little drummer boy isn’t a biblical figure and isn’t mentioned in the Bible at all actually. His character was born from this very song that was composed in the 1940’s and later made popular during the Christmas season. Although, it hasn’t been proven that the little drummer boy is real, for this blog post, he is. When you listen to this song as many times as  I have, it starts to take on a new meaning.

Come they told me.

A new born king to see.

Our finest gifts we bring.

To lay before the King.

I think about that night when our Savior was born. And how intimidating it would have been to be a little boy among all the kings, wise men and prophets coming to see the newborn – all of them laying gold and other precious gifts at his feet. And then I think about the emotions that a little boy with nothing to offer must have felt.






And sometimes I feel like that in this life – especially during the holidays. The holidays can be intimidating. And I can’t help thinking party after party that we go to this time of year – did I wear the right thing? Does the batch of cookies I made taste good enough? Are my presents good enough?

I am a poor boy too.

I have no gift to bring.

That’s fit to give the King. 

We focus so much on the material aspects of Christmas, that I think its easy to get lost in it all. But Jesus invites us to be worthy this season, for things other than our christmas outfits and our presents. We are worthy of Him and His birth because he died for us to be.

We must know, and must accept in our hearts that we are all of the things listed above, but Jesus gives us our worth, our value, our significance and our use. And that, is what he wants us to share this Holiday season. The worth we feel from our presents fade. The value that they give us ages over time. The significance weakens the older they get. But the worth and value that Jesus offers never dies, fades or ages.

To be the little drummer boy during this season, we have to completely humble ourselves, just as he did. He didn’t have the fancy gold, frankincense or myrrh to offer; He wasn’t wise like the wise men; and he definitely wasn’t a king.

He was a humbled drummer who came to see the son of God and praise Him with all that he [didn’t] have. And he played his drum. As insignificant and unworthy as that may have seemed, he shared his gift with the Savior – to honor him.  pa rum pum pum pum.  And thats all He asks of us. There is no gift that is so insignificant or so little that it will not please our God.

I played my best for him. pa rum pum pum pum. 

Jesus lived in the same humbled way – in a way many of us won’t ever understand. Humility is the first and most essential element of following Christ. “Jesus was nothing, so that God could be all.” (Andrew Murray, Humility)

Because this season isn’t about your shiny new necklace, or the newest brand of shoes waiting for you under the tree, its about our humble savior.  We need to know that our salvation consists wholly in being saved from ourselves and the “want” that resides within us. And then, we will receive the gift that is promised to us. Jesus humbled himself, therefore, God highly exalted Him. (Philippians 2:8-9).

Be the little drummer boy this Christmas season. Offer your talents, your hearts and your generosity to others – and forget about the presents. Your worth comes from within. “Let us have such faith in the all of God and the Nothing of self that we may only seek to serve one another in love.” – Andrew Murray, Humility 

 So [go] honor him. pa rum pum pum pum