SONY DSCThis devotional from Beth Moore spoke so plainly and so clearly to me this morning. How easy is it to forget about our dreams and reaching them because we get comfortable with where we are at? God didn’t create us for comfortable, he created us for dreams. And big ones at that.

“… so that you won’t become lazy, but imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance.” – Hebrews 6:12

The middle of any challenging journey can be the most critical point. any of us may not be where we were, but we’re not yet where we want to go. Perhaps the terrible bondage of Egypt is being us, but the land of promise seems remote.

The longer we wander in the wilderness between Egypt and the Promised Land, the greater the chance that we’ll return to captivity. The pull of a familiar comforts and habits can feel overpowering, particularly against the uncertainty of Canann’s unknowns. But as we persevere, God is faithful to continual give us the extra push of motivation to push on.